What’s next for E-commerce after Lockdown?

2020 has definitely changed the outlook of online transactions. With more people shopping online, we're getting good at understanding the trends and acting on them. Digital transformation was upon us even before COVID-19 and now, more firms will take it seriously. [More]

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Internet?

The internet is booming at the time of COVID-19 infection. Although the internet has helped to ease daily chores by offering online banking and e-shopping options, it has also given rise to digital malpractices such as cyberattacks and conspiracies. [More]

Importance of Pinterest (Infographic)

Pinterest is a popular media sharing social website. Available as both a website and smartphone application, a user can upload, edit, and manage photos and videos – known as pins- through collections known as a pinboard. [More]

4 Best E-commerce Software

E-commerce facilitates easy buying or shopping through the means of a website. The payment and shipping features are generally integrated along with e-commerce services which allow a customer to buy a product at the comfort of their home. [More]