Amazing Social Media Optimization for Local Business

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How Social Media has helped and hurt during the Outbreak?

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today (2020). Almost every third person worldwide owns a smartphone. With so much content in hand, it gets harder to filter out fake or inauthentic pieces. Most content that is shared on Facebook and Twitter and popular chat apps like WhatsApp tend to be fake in nature [More]

Social Media Marketing in US

The United States is the largest social media advertising market in the world, as more than 14.8 billion U.S. dollars were spent on social media advertisements in the country in 2016 alone. [More]

Importance of Pinterest (Infographic)

Pinterest is a popular media sharing social website. Available as both a website and smartphone application, a user can upload, edit, and manage photos and videos – known as pins- through collections known as a pinboard. [More]