5 Tips to Create Engaging Facebook Instant Articles

In the digital world where consumers constantly scroll through their social media feeds, providing them with something interesting to read is crucial, which you can accomplish through Facebook Instant Articles.

However, the catch is that it must be engaging and quick!

Create engaging Facebook instant articles by addressing a catchy headline, balancing text with visual elements, keeping the content short and assertive, and personalizing it to make it enjoyable.

Read on to learn more about Facebook instant articles and how to create one.

What are instant articles?

The instant article is a mobile publishing format that assists new businesses in creating and sharing fast and user-interactive articles on Facebook.

It is an HTML document with quick mobile performance, rich narrative capabilities, branded design, and unique visual presentation.

Instant Articles aims to improve the user experience for mobile users by speeding up article loading and making content more exciting and interactive.

Therefore, it can be a fantastic choice to enhance user experience, boost engagement, and increase revenue.

It’s pretty popular where instant articles give more than $1 million ROI per day to publishers via the audience network.

How to create instant articles on Facebook

Although there are many interactive social media platforms, Facebook is an excellent option for reaching the audience and collaborating with vast audience streams.

Did you know instant articles receive 30% more shares than mobile web articles?

However, you must be eligible to meet the creator’s criteria to create instant articles on Facebook.

Follow the guidelines of the instant article and partner monetization policies to qualify for the feature.

Here is how you can get started:


Sign Up

Signing up is the first and foremost step in getting started on any online platform.

After signing up, you should claim your primary domain to maintain an authorized page.

Step 2:

Select your Facebook page.

Step 3: Claim and provide a URL

You must claim at least one URL before proceeding with the article creation part.

Tips for registering URL: 

Go to the creator studio setup for instant articles.

Open your page.

Click the published button.

Click links and select instant articles as post down. 

Step 4: Write well-formatted content.

Tips for writing a brief instant article:

Choose a catchy topic.

Outline your piece before you begin writing.

Organize your thoughts to keep your writing on track.

Ensure simplicity using short and uncomplicated sentences.

Make use of bullet points and lists

Create paragraphs to make your content easier to read and comprehend.

Step 5: Customize the styling.

To modify the visual appearance of your articles with article styles, click Customize.

You can develop and use article styles and visual templates in your articles.

Polish your content with branded material.

It will help to utilize a different style than standard content so readers can know it is sponsored content.

You can then post or share your article across all the connections.

After the approval of your instant articles, you can share them via an authorized account.

  1. Create a new post on Facebook.
  2. Include the domain URL link to your instant article.
  3. Select the “Post” button.
  4. If a lightning bolt-like structure appears at the headline of your article, you have successfully shared an instant article.

5 tips to make your instant articles engaging

Did you know a person is 70% less likely to leave an article unread after clicking an Instant Article?

Engaging instant articles is necessary for site monetization and generating ROI, where instant article fuels your prospect of increasing revenue by producing engaging content.

Here are the proven tips to make your instant article appealing to the audience:

1.Address a catchy headline

Using headlines and graphics that catch readers’ attention is crucial because Instant Articles are frequently displayed in users’ newsfeeds.

Here are some tips to cooperate with the audience’s interests

  • Know the background of individuals with whom you wish to speak.
  • Analyze the type of posts they are engaging in social media.
  • You should keep your target audiences in mind and address them while writing.
  • Do not forget to address them using pronouns like you and yours personally.

2.Incorporate Visual Elements

Incorporating visual elements in your post makes it more appealing and keeps the user engaged.

Did you know that posts with images have 84% more click-through rates than that text-based ones?

Benefits of including images or videos on your post

  • Improves the overall quality of your article.
  • Personalizes user experience.
  • High-quality image attracts the audience and complements your message efficiently.  
  • Creates consistency in your brand experience by including brand elements or visuals.
  • However, you should ensure your imagery is pertinent to your writing.

Ways to incorporate visual elements in an instant article

  • Choose media elements such as an image, video, or interactive map.
  • Format your visual elements according to the instant article specifications (Appropriate dimensions)
  • Upload your media elements in the instant articles composer platform.
  • Once you complete the upload, you can embed them in your article.
  • Optimize your article for mobile devices and publish it.

3.Keep your writing short and powerful

It will be best to design instant articles so users can view them quickly. Therefore, you should make your content concise and direct.

Tips to make your article short and sweet

  • Use bullet points, subheadings, and other formatting tools to make your text easier to read.
  • The initial sentence of your message is critical because people’s attention spans on social media are only a few seconds long.
  • Keep your posts between 250-300 words long to make your article more engaging.

Here are some guidelines for writing a short and impactful article

  1. Start with a precise understanding: This will enable you to maintain attention and reduce rambling.
  2. Keep things simple: Sticking to the primary idea and omitting extraneous details or tangents while writing a brief piece is crucial.
  3. Employ influential words: To communicate your message, use strong words effectively.
  4. Create a clear heading: The headline will draw readers in and persuade them to read the rest of your post. It will help if you ensure it conveys the article’s topic succinctly and accurately.
  5. Edit: Every sentence must be purposeful. So, it will help if you eliminate extra phrases, words, or paragraphs after writing your piece.

4.Personalize your content

Audience’s preference changes in the blink of an eye. Therefore, modify your content format according to trends.

Customization can help you engage and build relationships with your audience. Moreover, Facebook provides a style editor to customize branded content articles easily.

How to personalize content for social media:

  • Make your content more relevant to your audience’s interests and preferences using tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights.
  • You may also use Facebook’s Instant Articles style to modify your content.
  • Layout customization tools to give your readers a customized reading experience.

5.Add call to action.

The call to action (CTA) components of your Instant Articles aid in developing personal connections with your Facebook audience’s most devoted readers.  

CTA is a prompt that enables users to take specific action immediately. For example, create a command area below the instant article, such as learn more, sign up, or buy now.

Benefits of adding CTA within an instant article:

  • These units have the same native speed and responsiveness as the overall content.
  • The CTA button appears inline within your instant articles without making them bulky.
  • A call to action helps people know what you want them to do.
  • It makes it easier for the audience to offer comments and opinions to you.

Benefits of Using Instant Articles

  • You can post your articles in mobile publishing format.
  • The content can load and display four times faster than typical mobile web.
  • You can send, post, and share your instant article across all social media platforms.
  • Instant Articles apply aesthetics and interactive features to your message.
  • Facebook instant articles use standardized markup language comparable to XML.
  • It focuses on automated content processing and provides content formatting features online.
  • It can help you to generate revenue through ads in your articles.

However, various criteria, such as frequent user interaction, reading time, and click rate, matter to rank at the top and frequently appear on the feed.


Instant articles use the same factors that regular content use on the mobile web to get listed in the feed.

How you compose your social media posts is essential for interacting with your followers.

The amount of interaction determines the post’s popularity, and you will receive more comments, shares, and likes the more broad your audience is.

Therefore, it will be best if you take your time to write clever, engaging copy that draws users.

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