6 Instagram Content Ideas for a Service-Based Business

Instagram or IG is more than just social media; it's a robust visual network for businesses to promote their services.

Since its launch in October 2010, IG has acquired a meteoric 1 billion active users. More than half of IG users use IG stories, and over 4 million businesses use IG stories ads monthly. Moreover, over 50+ billion images are shared on the platform daily.

This makes IG an easy platform "to show" and "to be seen." However, with so much cutthroat competition, it often becomes difficult to be seen.

Service-based businesses have always struggled with using IG to advance their enterprises. It is frustrating to see a platform with incredible potential but struggle to find the right content to post to keep their businesses in front of potential clients.

If you're looking for ways to make IG work, this article is for you. You’ll discover how to plan and construct IG posts to help your service-based businesses establish a strong visual presence.

Best Instagram Content Ideas for Business Owners

Here are the six best IG content ideas or tips for entrepreneurs.

Show your expertise

IG is precisely the right place to show off your expertise. Use IG stories and posts to answer essential queries your customer may have. Share tips, shortcuts, and productivity hacks that keep your audience informed, engaged, and longing for more.

Don't assume that your audience knows everything; everyone is not the same. Because of having constant exposure to the same activity skill or industry, you've accumulated more knowledge than you know.

IG is a visual content medium, so don't disregard the fact that you must present your ideas in the most visually appealing manner. Use sharp tips as overlays on relevant images, clipart, or make a mini Infographic with the information.

As an option, you can also create or record a 15-second video where you demonstrate the tip, or create animated videos using https://biteable.com/instagram/

Inspire with success stories

According to one study, 92% of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase.

The regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate roughly 62% more revenue from every customer and every time they visit your brand.

  • Use this to your advantage by sharing a few success stories in your business.
  • Acquire some of the best customer reviews.
  • Overlay an excellent image with an awesome testimonial and share it on IG.
  • Ask your audience to re-share your success stories for a bonus point.
  • Share before and after images for a more impactful effect. Even if your business doesn’t have a visible “before and after” effect, you might share some sales numbers or performance data from your clients.

Service-oriented businesses may find difficulty acquiring user photos, but it's not as impossible as you might expect. It only takes a handful of best reviews to change audiences’ minds.

Inspire with quotes

Quotes are often the most engaging types of social media content. It has one of the engaging rates because people love to read and share quotes.

Use this to your advantage by publishing few unique quotes about businesses, products, services, and success stories.

Not everyone is looking to buy products or services on IG; most people surf IG to pass the time or watch valuable and exciting content. Quotes make up one of these exciting contents. Think of inspirational quotes that can somehow relate to your business. If you’re a web designer, you can find inspirational quotes on business successes made on websites.

You will be able to grab many followers and post shares by sharing valuable and interesting quotes.

This is not to say you have to flood your clients with philosophical quotes, but occasionally, definitely take advantage of these engagement boosters.

Make them smile

Making someone happy gives your brand a positive outlook among the audience. You can always brighten someone's day with a funny image, IGTV videos, joke, or motivational quote.

Most brands who engage in sharing motivational or positive posts often see more likes and shares. This is because people love to associate with positive brands.

As a brand, you should find ways to make the audience happy by mixing service with motivation.

For example, nobody loves to get out of bed on Monday. You can draft a post that shows the positive signs of getting up early on Monday and how it will positively affect their entire week.

Sell the solution to their problem.

Most IG influencers make money by selling solutions to the audience. Think of this; people don’t' only look at Google for answers. They have found social media to be a reliable platform for solutions.

Some of the most sought-after solutions on IG account for DIY tricks, homemade hacks, solutions, therapy, movie trivia, etc.

Take advantage of IG to post handy tips and solutions that customers mostly encounter in your service. This helps to advocate your brand as a temporary savior and as a reliable platform to go to for easy solutions.

Think of your brand not only as a list of services you perform but as a lifestyle you enable your clients to have.

Compose captions that connects with your Ideal Audience

Captions aren't optional but a valuable addition. A caption carries the message that the image can't necessarily carry because there isn't a limit to caption.

  • Use captions to tell a story precisely. As a service-based business, you'd need to rely on words to express your Instagram story. Caption becomes helpful in pen down your story, giving people insights into what you bring to the table.
  • Be conversational with your caption that complements the accompanying image.
  • Add a call to action in the caption to convert the audience into leads such as "Double-tap if you agree," "Tag someone in the comments," "What's your...?

Although you have up to 2,200 characters in your IG captions, it will get truncated after 125. So for more extended captions, make sure your most important information appears first.


A service-based business hasn't the luxury of a tangible physical product to feature; hence, you should create more visually appealing content and winner captions connecting with your audience.

Check this infographic out for more information about 6 Instagram Content Ideas for a Service-Based Business.

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