8 Best Strategies to Get More Google Reviews

Google Review is a review aggregator system made for businesses that are listed in Google My Business. It's an integral part of Google Search Engine is designed to help potential customers choose the right business through the maximum amount of positive reviews.

It works like any other review aggregator, but what differentiates Google Review because it's listed on the first page of Google, the search engine itself.

Getting positive Google reviews is important for any business because it improves their local search ranking.

A survey by BlueCorona.com revealed that,

88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, and 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

What are the benefits of positive Google Reviews?

Positive Google review offer a long-term benefit to businesses in terms of website visits, product purchases, and customer referrals.

More leads

88% of consumers rely on online reviews to choose a business they want to work with. More review means greater chances of getting more leads.

More purchases

With more website visits and leads, you can use your smartly designed marketing funnel to convert them into your customers.

Higher Rank

More positive reviews mean you'll be ranked higher on the Google review table. Your business will be visible every time a user searches for the products you sell.

Free of Cost

Getting listed in Google Review and getting new reviews to cost nothing at all. You'll get to enjoy free advertising for your business on the world's most trusted platform.

8 Best Strategies to Get More Google Reviews

Here are eight best strategies to get more Google reviews for your business.

Ask your customers to add a review

Asking your customers directly for a Google review is the simplest way to get new reviews. If they're satisfied with your product or service, they'll definitely care to give you a positive review or 5-stars.

According to BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2016,

7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to.

To make things easier, always have a shortcut link for Google review with you. You can provide them the link through email, text, or verbally.

Send a Personalized Email

Another simpler way to get a positive Google review from your customer is through a personalized email. After a successful job ends, you should send a Thank you email and ask them to leave you a Google review.

Start with thanking your customer for choosing you. Next, ask them to pen down feedback about your service. Place a direct link to Google My Business in the email for your customers to leave you a review.

Add a Google Review Link to your Website

Many businesses get very creative with their Google Reviews, where most of them choose to showcase positive reviews on the website itself. You can use API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Google My Business to add the entire Google Review to your website.

One big advantage of doing this is that your potential customers visiting your website will find positive Google reviews there itself. Also, you can ask your customers to visit your website to add a review. Your website should contain both a CTA to write a review and existing reviews. These not only encourage prospects to become a customer but also give that added inspiration for an existing customer to leave a review.

"Leave a Review" Card

This is an offline method of asking for Google reviews from your customers. It works by handing out the card to your customer after a job's well done. It becomes more useful for businesses like home contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc., who don't often employ a business website.

Add specific details to the review card like "Take a minute to rate and review us at [short link]." You can choose to add instructions to do a review for customers who aren't much internet savvy.

Follow-up your Review Request Multiple Times

Just because a customer doesn't leave a review the first time doesn't mean you can’t ask them again.

Please take a few days between the first and second time you ask them for a review. For ease, you can create a follow-up email asking them to consider leaving a review for you. If you're in touch with social media, you can consider sending a personalized DM after a few days.

But make sure you don't overdo it. A pestered customer can often leave a negative review. Persistence and patience is the key to success.

Ask for Reviews on Social Media

Social media is a great platform to start any conversation. If you own a business profile on any social media, you can always ask your customers to like or follow your page. In time, you can DM them to leave a Google review for your business.

Remind your followers that this is an opportunity for them to introduce someone else just like them to the benefits they experience from working with your business.

Get Google Reviews from Vendors & Partners

Although your vendors and partners aren't your customers, they're still eligible to make a review about your business. This can be a great opportunity to increase your positive reviews because your vendors and partners are more likely to rate 5-star and leave a nice review that will resonate throughout the internet.

Use Automated Review Management System

One of the most effective and time-saving ways to get new reviews from your customers is through the automated review management system. It basically does the same thing by employing an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to do the work for you. It will automatically contact your customers and collect their feedback.

There will be a cost involved in this option, but it can definitely prove to be a useful tool for your local business.


Google Review aggregator by Google My Business is a free service that all local business owners should be utilizing. Consider improving your online reputation and reach by actively asking your customers to make a positive Google review.

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