Is Video the Future of Content Marketing?


If you are to search for anything on Google or social networks, you’re more likely to receive 4 out of 10 results that are videos. Video streaming and video marketing have become the most effective and cost-friendly medium to advertise a product or service.

Billions of people visit Youtube and other digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Vimeo, and TikTok to view some of the most popular and trending videos. Web Developers rely on YouTube for niche tutorial videos about their preferred programming languages.

With the onset of lockdown in early 2020, the rate of both video streaming and video consuming grew by 10 times. Theaters started broadcasting their recorded theatrical plays to the audience; movie distributors started streaming their movies on video streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. This helped to re-attest the fact that video is the future of content marketing.

Searchable Design LLC, the best web development agency in the USA, has brought some exciting information about video streaming and content marketing.

Why do we love videos?

Human brains are hardwired to love images and visual imageries. We’re more likely to remember an image we saw years ago but a written text. Videos have become a convenient medium of engagement. They are more interactive and engaging, informative, easy to digest, and convenient.

Here are some of the reasons why video marketing is here to stay.

  • People love watching videos
  • Did You Know? - Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide. Every day people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • Today, more people watch a video than visiting any other form of content. According to a study by Wyzowl, 96% of people have watched explainer videos of products or services.
  • With digital streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime stepping into video streaming business and making their services cheaper, more people have now access to new video content. Many people rely on video content to get in touch with their favorite brands such as popular Tiktokers and YouTubers.


People prefer videos over other content

Videos are engaging and entertaining at the same time, that is why people prefer to watch a video instead of reading something.

When asked about how people would like to learn about a product or service, nearly 66% of them said that they’d prefer watching videos. 90% of people surveyed said that they discover new brands or products on YouTube.

One of the major reasons for this is that people are time-pressed. Few people have time in hand to read something for one minute that could have been visually displayed in less than 10 seconds.

According to a survey, 73% of people had less time to devote to research and reading online. But 51% of them were happy to watch a five- to 20-minute video for the same.

At least 90% of US internet users aged 18 to 44 years accessed YouTube. Today, more people own a smartphone than television. This has definitely pushed video streaming to its zenith.

People purchase on seeing videos

Let’s face the fact, videos help to boost your brand recognition. People remember visual content much better because the brain processes visuals 60000 times faster than text.

Today, many brands are stepping up their video streaming by producing interesting, engaging, and promotional content. Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, brands can rely on affiliate marketing to boost their sales.

In order to make your videos truly memorable, you’d need to invest time, money, and expertise in creating interesting and unique content. Videos are based on screenplays that tell a unique story of your brand and they need to be completely aligned with your brand strategy. For this, you must hire great Advertisement screenwriters and content creators.

Video contents propagated through different social media channels help to garner much-required views. In fact, 84% of people in the Wyzowl survey said that they were convinced to purchase a product or service after they watched a brand’s video.

Almost 74% of people surveyed claimed that they downloaded a new app or mobile game after watching a video.


Video & SEO

Video streaming and SEO go hand in hand. Marketable video content can considerably improve your SEO ranking by taking your video to the top position in Google’s search engine ranking page. When was the last time, you searched for something and the first result wasn’t a video?

Today, more people choose to watch a video to find a solution rather than reading a 1000 word blog.

Marketing engaging videos help to promote your products or services. Since there is a high demand for videos these days and people prefer watching them to reading texts, Google and other search engines have started to favor video content as well.

If you specialize in selling products or services that can be well-defined by a visual piece such as image or video, then creating a video is more effective for generating leads and conversions.


Videos can help with customer support

Many brands have started posting short videos that answer the customer’s queries. This has definitely helped to reduce the burden on the customer support team. When tutorials videos are enough to answer customer’s complaints, queries, and questions, then you wouldn’t need to invest in hiring a customer support team.

This saves time for your customers too. They wouldn’t need to call, text, or email you if they face a problem. They can simply visit your channel and search for the video that answers their question. In fact, 43% of video marketers said that videos have led to a reduction in the number of support calls that they used to receive.

You can start focusing on creating simple how-to videos for your customers. If you lack the necessary tools such as a video camera and editor, you can start with creating videos collaging images with your voice in the background explaining the solution.


Useful in email marketing

According to, marketing emails that contain video can increase click-through rates by 200-300%.Emails can easily be boring if it lacks good content. People choose to read emails that are assertive and engaging. What could be more engaging than a video? Adding them to your emails makes them engaging and also saves the receiver’s time. You’ll be able to convey your information to them faster using video content.

Emails with video links or thumbnails have a higher CTA rate. Videos are an excellent way to raise brand awareness and generate more quality leads since they enable you to effectively communicate your brand message and showcase your value proposition.


How Video Streaming is Taking Over the World?

According to one recent report, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos on social media. Another report shows that videos are shared by 1200% more than links and text combined.

Did you know? After watching a branded video of business, decision-makers say they visit the website.

  • Netflix got 16 million new visitors in the first three months of 2020. The sheer increase in demand for streaming has made Netflix reduce the quality of its videos in Europe to ease the strain on internet service providers. The firm also hired an additional 2,000 customer support staff to handle the increased interest in the Q1 of 2020.
  • Netflix said some 85 million people had watched its original movie, Spenser Confidential, for at least two minutes - the cut-off it uses for viewing figures. Meanwhile, the documentary series Tiger King reached 64 million households.
  • It expects to add another 7.5 million members in the three months to the end of June. Netflix said revenue increased to $5.76bn, up more than 27% compared to the same period in 2019. Profits almost doubled, from $344m in the first quarter of 2019 to $709m.


Interesting Facts about YouTube

  • 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide (Tubefilter, 2019). That's 30,000 hours of video uploaded every hour. And 720,000 hours of video uploaded every day to YouTube.
  • Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide.
  • Every day people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • 62% of businesses worldwide use YouTube as a channel to post video content.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • At least 90% of US internet users aged 18 to 44 years accessed YouTube.
  • 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube.

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