5 Most Popular Discontinued Google Services

Google remains the most visited website in the entire world. Considered one of the BIG FOUR technology companies along with Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, it has amassed billions of users.

Since unveiling their first browser ‘Backrub’ in the 1990s, Brin and Page went to create Google in 1998 which went through massive improvements and Herculean undertakings to become one of the most valued enterprises today. During the course of evolution, it came up with many ideas, most of which flopped. Thanks to the dedicated development and QA team, and their massive takeovers, they manage to come up with few ideas that changed the world.

YouTube, Gmail, Google Search Engine, Adwords, Adsense, and Google Maps are few of the technological milestones achieved by the enterprise that redefined the entire technology. However, Google did fail in many of its approaches that later became examples.

5 Discontinued Google Services

a. Google+

Although not entirely a failure, Google+ was a big hit with many internet users. Within 7 years of its inception, it amassed the user-base account for 343 million. Although a great number, it came to be way lesser to popular social networking sites namely Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

There are many unique things Google+ tried to create such as Google Circle, Hangouts, and Photos, however, they couldn’t exactly capture the long-term use from their users.

In winter 2018, Google decided to close its Social Networking site. All the accounts associated with Google+ were discontinued in April 2, 2019.

b. Google Labs

Google Labs was the web-based application created by Google to demonstrate and test new projects.

It was defined as "a playground where our more adventurous users can play around with prototypes of some of our wild and crazy ideas and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them."

It was discontinued in July 2011. The URL GoogleLabs.com is now defunct.

c. Google Answers

Google Answers was a Q&A website designed by Google in 2002. It was one of the first sites to allow a user to post bounties for well-researched answers to their queries. Although, a popular online service, it was discontinued in 2006. It received more than 100 question postings per day until the service was entirely discontinued.

Most of its features were later adapted into another popular Q&A site, Quora.

d. Google Buzz

Google Buzz was a popular social networking, microblogging and messaging tool developed by Google in 2010. It was preceded by Google Wave and succeeded by Google+. The service was discontinued in 2011.

It was available in mobile as well and was integrated with many other Google services. It was criticized for insufficient user privacy which ultimately led to its end.

e. iGoogle

iGoogle was a customizable AJAX based web-page designed as a personalized start page or homepage for the desktop users. It was also known as Google’s personalized homepage when it began in 2005. The service ran for 13 years until it was discontinued in 2013.

The API in iGoogle allowed the users to create custom widgets, such as calendar, reminder, games, etc which were available on a click. Google decided to close the service because they felt that the need for the service eroded over time.


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