5 Insightful Blog Posts from 2018

2018 saw a huge upheaval in the technology realm! It was a big year. Android launched the latest version of OS (Operating Software) 9.0 called 'Pie' in August 2018, while iPhone launched the latest in its posh series of smartphone, iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Elon Musk’s SpaceX made a successful flight of its reusable rocket.

Many things happened in the past year. We started our Tech blog in 2018 with a promise to share insightful news on web technology and updates on web development and digital marketing.

Take a look back at 5 of our most useful blog posts from 2018

What is a Web Designer’s Part in the Website?

Who are Web Designers?

Web designers are the professionals with a collection of skill sets who transform ideas into electronic files. In short, designers design the web pages. Though it seems designers only work on the visible parts of a website, they are quite cautious about how the design affects the business of a client. Read more..

SEO: Being on Top Matters (2018 Update)

When people ask me why SEO is important, I always remember this famous joke - "If you ever need to hide a dead body, where would you place it? On the second page of google search result."

This is very true. It doesn't matter how impressive your website is until it appears on the first page of search engine search result. To understand Search engine optimization, it is important to know what the search engine is.

SEO: SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply, it is a process to get a website to the top of search engine result page (SERP).  Read more..

E-commerce: Think Electronic!

Major question merchants have is, "I already have a store and people buy from there, why do I need to go online?" The recent data shows that more than 70% of US citizen shop online. If you refuse to go online at this point, you are closing your door for that 70% customers.

E-commerce ensures a business, no matter the size or location, the global reach. Not only that, you can choose consumers demographically worldwide. It's cost-effective, thus increases your revenue. Read more..

Why use CRM for your Business?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is basically an automated software which helps to ease any business’s need for data compilation, customer retention, and growth of sales. It compiles all the required data from your customers from multiple channels, including web forms, emails, live chat, social media channels, and telephone to help to assemble, segregate and analyze data for various official purposes. Read more..

5 Ways to Improve User Experience

A guest waiting to be served for over 30 minutes in a diner is likely to walk out even when the diner offers great service afterward. Retaining the customer is a confluence of both art and science. Serving the right product at right time and in the right manner is a must.

Usability deals with the overall user experience in a website. The ease in searching for desired products, alternatives, information to back the product and accessible purchasing or ordering options determine the user experience. Read more..


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