google analytics-report

Demographic Overview

This case study is about one of our clients who have online business. For an online business, website is their store. The visits, conversions and ROI, all happen within the website. So, our prime focus is making the website make more sense for the potential clients. We use google analytics’ demographics feature to identify the potential clients.

This demographic overview of the website visitors in terms of age and gender breaks down the web traffic. The graph shows that 32.89 percent of the visitors are from age group 25-34. The majority of the visitors belong to the age group 18 to 50. On the other graph, 56 percent of the visitors are male and 44 percent are female. This difference is not much, yet the marketing strategy has to incline towards the male visitors. The analysis of the report shows that the majority of the visitors are male of age 18 to 50.

Strategy Implementation

Adapting to the data, new strategies are formed and implemented. The sole purpose of the data analysis and new strategy is to retain the old customers and attract the new ones.

Promotional Offers:

Now, the study directs to understanding the expectation of the majority of the website visitors and advertise valuable and affordable promotional offers targeting them.


The first look of website, the ease of browsing and quick procedure are the important keys of online business. The architecture and presentation of the website will be revamped to attract the new customers and retain the regular customers. Most of the visitors of age group 18 - 50 use mobile phone. Thus, designing every page of the site responsive is another important element.


We optimize the keywords of all the pages for the targeted population to land on so that when we be able to redirect them to the website when they enter the keywords related to the company’s services. Our other strategy is to increase the reliable and appropriate backlinks to the website.

Social Media:

The posts on the social media are developed in such a way that the targeted group will be convinced for the products and use the website link to browse and buy. Looking at the targeted age group, short promotional videos will be handy in bringing in the more visitors.

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