Urban Pet Hospital and Resort is a fusion of pet medical service and luxury resort. They are one of the best pet health providers in Urbandale, Iowa since 2000. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical and therapeutic equipment, they provide some unique services to their furry guests, such as luxury suits, underwater treadmill and swimming pool.

The old website of Urban pet was not driving customers as much a website should. Also, their products and services weren't being properly marketed on social media, which obviously was blocking a good revenue. They realized it and started searching for a good IT company. They went through a number of software development companies and finalized Searchable Design Pvt Ltd for our reputation regarding work efficiency, creative product, quick delivery and reasonable cost.

The design of old Urban pet's website was outdated and not user friendly. Customer would have difficulty in viewing the website in mobile and other small devices. We redesigned the entire website and made it responsive. The appearance of the website has turned into attractive and lively. We have been attentive to every important information to place them correct.

Being IT partner, forming social media management strategy was an important part of our collaboration. We formulated a social media management plan with a clear goal. We carried out an extensive research on social media audience of Urban Pet hospital. And then, together we worked on improving the quality of the contents and timing of posting.

The result of all the effort can be seen on the post reach, clicks, engagement and increased brand awareness. The contents has become successful on addressing the local audience in personalized manner as well as the internationals.

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