Urban Pet Supply is the online sales wing of Urban Pet Hospital & Resort (UPHR). UPHR is a pet medical service and luxury resort located in Urbandale, Iowa. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical and therapeutic equipment, they provide unique and professional veterinary services in the area.

The primary website of UPHR was rebuilt by the team of Searchable Design Pvt Ltd. The classy website, better digital outreach and increase in customers encouraged them to redesign their low churning website of Urban Pet Supply to help increase the marketing and sales of their pet products online.

The issues with the old website

With their current website, they limited opportunities regarding the growth of the business and customer service. The major problems faced by them were;

  • The website’s design was outdated and not at all user-friendly.
  • The website lacked payment gateway or any e-commerce facility
  • The in-house practice of adding products in the website was difficult and time consuming
  • The ROI from the website was almost NIL, with less visitor turnout.
  • The online marketing or branding was NIL

How the issues were solved

When the team of Searchable Design Pvt Ltd started looking into their website, there were major changes and upgrade to be done.

  • The revamped website uses the latest e-commerce platform, Shopify, to implement better online sales techniques.
  • The website is integrated with the shopping cart and gift voucher system which helps the customers to shop with ease.
  • Ordering the products online was difficult, which was solved with the interactive order system from the Shopify.
  • Along with Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, we implemented ‘coupon code’ for marketing and branding purposes.

The dedicated team of Searchable Design Pvt Ltd is also looking into the digital marketing aspect of the website to help brand it and grow its digital outreach.

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