In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of methods, processes and tools to increase the rank of websites in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The ultimate goal of all the SEO efforts is to ensure the visibility of a website and its contents on the SERPs.

SEO-friendly Design

Digital brand marketing starts with a url that in one hand represents the brand and in the other, justifies for SEO. Our website architecture, well managed codes and best practices for internal links inform the search engine crawlers about the flow and hierarchy of the website contents. The meta tags within the HTML files cite and directly point what the page is about. We perform in-depth and content-centric keyword search for the specific domain and pages.

Killer Mastercopy & Schema Markup

Copywriting and content development is all about presenting the right keywords in a smart way. Those keywords help search engine robots index the webpage in terms of search relevance. We integrate schema markup from, which has proven to increase a website’s ranking on SERPs.

Good User Experience

Google is increasingly giving attention to user experience. The authority of the site comes from the trust of the user and that’s only possible if the website is capable of attracting and engaging the visitors. Our attention to details in every step in website building and SEO guarantees a quality user experience and better ranking in SERPs.

Crawl Directing Files and Canonicalization

Root directory files such as, robot.txt and sitemap.xml direct the search engine crawlers by telling them which file to index and which not to. Search engines are always pleased with the organized files and directory. Applying canonicalization prevents a website from downgrading and in worse case, from penalties. It is also aimed towards proper presentation of website contents.

You can choose either of the following SEO services from our bucket list.

One time SEO

This service is usually integrated with the website development. It begins with the SEO-friendly domain and ends with the SEO-friendly content. Site architecture, index-directing files in root directory, SEO tags and schema markups come in-between.

Dedicated SEO

SEO is a long term (or may be called all-time) process. The one-time SEO does enhance the ranking of a website, but to take it higher and be on the top all the time, it has to be maintained and updated in regular basis. We update the seo-tags and contents time to time, according to the contemporary trends so that the search engines understand that the site is fresh and relevant.

" Web application is a combination of desktop system, interoperability, accessibility and information management. "

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