Why Facebook is changing for good?

Facebook made a drastic change in its news feed policy in January 2018. The updated news feed is likely to show more relevant posts from friends, family and others [More]

How to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing

Emojis are digital images or icons internet users use to express their emotions in electronic communication. The word comes from Japanese language where e means picture and moji means character or letter. Emoticons on the other hand are typographic where punctuation marks, numbers and letters are used to show the human expressions. [More]

Employee Spotlight - Sangam Uprety

Our team lead, Sangam Uprety's responsibilities are divided into two parts, tech lead and project management. An extensive knowledge and professional experience of a long time, as a developer has become the foundation for his long-sighted software development processes. He is prompt with ideas, clear about his vision and is a success in perspicuous delivery of it. He is not only a proficient project manager but also an exemplary leader. [More]